the subjects he’s very interested in can be… odd 

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well he’s not surprised

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Catherine being an old lady

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let eli win for once

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"So much for an intimidating reputation…."

Sorry this took a while! For once I made a comic with my OCs doing something that occurs in the plot, haha (even if they are goofing off). Eli’s too big a softy for this line of business…. tries to be Mr. Mom even if the children happen to be ghosts …

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TRYING TO DRAW IN MY SKETCHBOOK AGAIN SINCE  …. all i do…. is draw digitally …. but page is not big enough HOW DO YOU NOT OVERLAP OVER EVERY DRAWING 

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Anonymous asked: what are your character's meyers briggs types?

Uhh i took on an online quiz thingy and this is what i got for the main trio on the first go

Esfir: ENFP 

Faas: ISTJ 


idk does anyone even have these letters memorized but here u go haha 

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to be continued (??? MAYBE??? not for a while haha) 

my demon huntin OC trio need to get to creepy old island once owned by rich family after getting a call from the new owner BUT rather than being afraid of huntin demons Esfir is afraid of other things…

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Anonymous asked: You have so many AUs, its fabulous. You should make a series of AU comics to supplement your original comic, like, maybe after a chapter of your original comic, throw in a random AU of your choosing. And you can make it a running gag that the characters are self-aware, or that the most dramatic point of the AU story arc is never resolved.

AGHH THANK YOU I WORRY ABOUT HAVING SO MANY AUs…. haha ….they are quite fun and that would be fun to do hehe…..

my thought is that all AUs are dreams Esfir has when she takes naps on the train haha …. (but I guess that wouldn’t make sense since most of them happen at least 20 years after the story ….. still….a&d au is possible since that’s early 19th century…………) 

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Anonymous asked: If Faas is old is Catherine?

Well by 1925 Faas is like…. 122…..and Catherine is about 14 years older than him so 136… someone take these geezers to an old folks home 

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